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Knee Brace Leatt C-Frame Junior


Leatt C-Frame Junior Knee Braces

Leatt’s revolutionary C-Frame Knee Brace for juniors offers medically certified protection paired with comfort. Engineered to allow natural knee movement, it offers a higher level of protection when compared to other traditional ‘cage-type’ designs. The low-profile design and shin bone plate equipped with a load distribution pad that fits inside all boots, ensure a comfortable fit. Designed to break during impact, the knee brace’s C-Frame chassis protects the shin and thigh bones. The brace’s three-point force distribution with super stiff C-arm mono hinge construction, as well as its reduction of forces that limits knee injuries, make it a vital piece of protective equipment.


  • Three-point force distribution with super stiff forged C-arm mono hinge construction
  • Reduction of forces to limit knee injuries: ACL, Meniscus, MCL
  • Certified as medical device: EU CA014741, USA FDA 10048761
  • Hyper extension limitations 10, 15, 20 and 25º for ACL injury reduction
  • Hyper flexion limitation: fixed hyper flexion stopper for meniscus injury reduction
  • Engineered lab tested built-in fracture points
  • The C-Frame chassis breaks before the threshold for injuring: The shin bone (Tibia) The thigh bone (Femur)
  • Very low profile inner knee for superior bike feel Comfortable, low profile shin bone plate with load distribution pad that fits inside all boots
  • Sold in pairs
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