About Us

Welcome to MSD-Indy website. This site is exclusively for those are passionate about extreme sports, such as: Skateboarding, Motocross and Enduro Off Road, Mountain Bike(MTB), and Paragliding.

This site is providing you with the updated and AUTHENTIC products from various well known brands in the industries.

Not only that we provide you with hard goods (technical goods) for Skateboards, MX, Mountain Bike, and Paragliding, but we also provide you with casual wears that you can wear to match your hobbies.

For Skateboarding brands are as follow: Powell, Bones, Mini Logo, Darkstar, Almost,  Enjoi, Tensor Trucks, Independent Trucks, Silver Trucks and Tools, Flip, Santa Cruz, Creature, MOB Grip, Bullet, TSG protections, SHORTYs, and many more, as we always try to update more brands for your needs.

As for the Motocross / Off Road products, we carry high quality, popular, and well known brands for MX accessories, apparel, and spare parts. Brands include; THOR MX, Ride 100%, LEATT, FMF Racing, Pro Taper, Renthal, Acerbis,  Maxima Racing Oil, Matrix Racing Products, EVS, Pro Circuit, Wiseco, Athena, and many others.

For Mountain Bike, we carry brands MAXIMA Lubricants, LEATT, and Ride 100%.

Through out over 20 years of establishment, We, MSD-Indy has been emphasising in providing only authentic, original, high quality products’  brands, which is becoming our mission, vision, and passions.

We do not only want you to purchase the products, but we also want you to feel SATISFIED and SAFE by purchasing our products.

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